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Optional Services(priced per room, prices discounted when getting multiple services or one service in multiple rooms.):

Carpet Stain Protection $15- Helps keep future spills from becoming permanent stains and repels dry dirt so it more readily vacuums out which extends the life of your carpet.

Powerful Cleaning Booster $5- This is a good option for heavily soiled and high traffic areas. It contains special emulsifiers that destroy dirt and oils.

Specialty Stain Treatment $10-20- While there are always going to be certain stains that just can't be removed, this is a good option if you have stains that cannot be removed by normal means. These would include: Gum, Paint, Nail Polish, Candle Wax, Red Food Dye, Grease or anything that doesn't come out in the course of the normal cleaning process.

Large Furniture Moving $20- This is for moving things like sofas, love seats, large chairs and the like. We NEVER charge for movement of light incidentals like office or dining room chairs, or clothing hampers etc. There are certain things we don't move at all like beds, entertainment centers, and delicate electronics. You would have to move these pieces ahead of time.


409 Terry Pl

Hermitage, TN 37076

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