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EcoBright of Nashville, the only carpet cleaning company you'll ever need.

We're so confident in the quality of our work we guarantee it!


It's NEW... and Revolutionary Carpet Cleaning Technology

EcoBright's APE (Applied Physics Extraction) cleaning system is a NEW, one of a kind system featuring a Unique Orbital, Oscillating Cleaning Machine called the Orbiter and our revolutionary NEW & SAFE cleaning agent called CleanFREE. We use a 5-Step process to ensure we get your carpet as clean as possible.

Step 1 - The carpet is thoroughly inspected to determine just how soiled it is and what kinds of stain removers we may need to apply to trouble spots.

Step 2 - The carpet is vacuumed to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Step 3 - Spots and stains are pre-treated so they can be removed during the cleaning process.

Step 4 - The entire surface of the carpet is treated with our powerful cleaning agent which has been prepared just prior to cleaning based on your carpets specific soil level.

Step 5 - The Orbiter is used in conjunction with specially designed, rotating cleaning brushes or pads (depending on the type of carpet you have) that spin, agitate, massage, and DEEP CLEAN the carpet fibers. The machines orbital, oscillating movement performs thousands of random short strokes per minute causing carpet fibers to separate and allow dirt, grease and soil to be rapidly removed from the fibers.

The orbital, oscillating movement of the Orbiter causes it to reach straight down into the carpet, allowing all sides of the fibers to be cleaned from the top down to the backing. This very thorough cleaning of each fiber is achieved using a minimum amount of moisture and insures both rapid drying and a complete cleaning of each fiber.

Step 6 (Optional) - Our specially formulated GreenGuard carpet protector is applied to your carpet. One of the only environmentally friendly carpet protectors available, GreenGuard improves the quality and appearance of indoor environments through soil and contamination reduction. As the most advanced, multi-function carpet protector, GreenGuard benefits you in 5 powerful ways: It prevents wicking by interfering with the osmosis that carries soil up the fibers during the drying process, it works to prevent yellowing by neutralizing the pH of the carpet, it protects against stains by blocking the stain from attaching directly to the carpet fibers, it reduces resoiling by preventing the soil from attaching to the carpet fibers and it improves the cleaning performance of vacuums by rapidly releasing dirt into the vacuum. Traffic lanes will not appear as soon as they normally would. Carpets will stay clean longer. And when combined with proper maintenance, the accumulation of soil and other contaminants will be noticeably reduced.

EcoBright's APE system is the Only Carpet Cleaning method in the world that Deep Cleans, Orbitally Massages and Rejuvenates your Carpets All In One Process!

The Benefits To You:

  •       Safe and Non-toxic for Children & Pets
  •       Removes Most Stubborn Spots and Stains
  •       No Hidden or Surprise Charges
  •       No Reappearing Stains
  •       No Sticky Residue to Attract Dirt
  •       Very Convenient and Quick Drying
  •       No Hoses Dragged Through Home or Across Lawn
  •       No Doors Left Open During Cleaning (No bugs - No loss of Air Conditioning or Heat)
  •       No EXCESS Water Left in Your Carpet or Padding
  •       Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer
  •       No danger of Mold or Mildew
  •       Economical, Best VALUE for the Money

      CLEAN CARPET GUARANTEED...The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or its FREE!


409 Terry Pl

Hermitage, TN 37076

(615) 418-0961